Jumat, 19 November 2010

Anonym Mailer v3.1

Anonym Mailer v3.1 | 1,48 Mb
Anonym mailer is a tool for delivering your message to any recipiets quickly, and anonymously.This software is NOT a spammer''s tool, so you can mail to only one recipient at a time. It''s basic purpose - anonymity in internet.
With a tool like Anonym Mailer, you can send actually anonymous mails to anyone. Please check the screen shot below for how-to-use this software. Only, recipents email must be valid and everything else could be anything fake. Use it for educational purpose only. Please don't use it for harassment.
But with this Anonym Mailer, we can use so many SMTP servers if one doesn't work. Besides,the SMTP that comes bundled with this tool works great.

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